Taylor Phinney the Next Fabian Cancellara?

Marco Pinotti of Team BMC has heaped praises on his team mate and leader of the Giro d’Italia Taylor Phinney, stating that the American has it all in him to become the next Fabian Cancellara, arguably modern cycling’s greatest ever rider against the clock. Taylor Phinney was in blistering form at the start of the race and finished the ending line a full nine seconds before second placed Geraint Thomas in the first stage of the Giro d’Italia, which is arguably the second most prestigious Grand Tour in the calendar after the Tour de France.

Speaking just before the start of the second stage of the famous race, Pinotti praised the riding style and technique of his team mate and fellow time trialist, adding that there is only one person he has seen riding the cycle which such astute technical knowledge and that is his fellow countryman Fabian Cancellara and the young American has it all in him to emulate the achievements of Cancellara.

Although he finished eighth in the stage, Pinotti, who has won the Italian time trial four times said of his performance that his aim in the race was to finish with the ‘best provisional time’, and went on to add that he was more or less certain that Phinney would beat it because he was just that good. Taylor Phinney is still the leader after three stages of the Giro d’Italia, in spite of crashing out in the third stage of the race.

Speaking of his admiration for the American rider, the Italian added that he has the mass, the muscles and the ability to go around the corners with intense speed and seeing him do that in the first stage of the Giro d’Italia reminded him of Fabian Cancellara a lot, and he believes that he is in the company of greatness.