Cancellara In Criticism Of UCI Rules

Leading Swiss rider Fabian Cancellara is seriously miffed with UCI rules and has publicly expressed his annoyance by criticizing the regulations set by international Cycling Union before the media.

As the Spartacus marches ahead towards his rainbow jersey, he is quite aware of the odds against him. Quite literally, the Swiss would be starting with simply 3 riders versus 9 for nations like Belgium, Italy & Spain, as per UCI rules. According to the famous Swiss rider, the very UCI ruling does not properly address the modern riding aspects.

“It is not good”, remarked an annoyed Cancellara. “It is like a deficit for our team. As for the regulations, we would have to comply with them. If you ask my point of view I would say that the UCI rules aren’t 2014, they just aren’t right. Some nations have been given the enjoy the ‘right’ (more riders).My ‘rule’ here is to cycle on Sunday.”

The 33-year-old rider is aware that his chances are not under his control regarding Sunday’s 254 km, 14-lap men road race.

Cancellara is offended with the latest UCI ruling that declares start positions on the basis of national ranks with various continental sections. 10 nations begin with maximum of 9 riders- this ruling refers to all the European nations, except Australia and Colombia- whilst Switzerland & Sagan’s Slovakia just have 3.

With almost all important favorites, except Sagan- beginning with 9 riders, Fabian realizes that he would be cycling into a serious headwind even before the race starts.

The Spartacus suggested that the rulings are simply not in alignment with modern peloton yet he is not wasting much time regarding the topic. Rather he is all-in for the upcoming battle.

“We have 3 riders & we need to race smart”, he added in.