A Good Finish Awaits Fabian Cancellara

Fabian is waiting for the opportune time to hang up his boots.

Rumours suggest that with another victory in the classics he might call it quits from the sport of cycling. Cancellara himself states that he can call it quits as there are high chances. He realizes that at some point of time every sportsperson needs to know when to end the career but he is waiting.

From 2000 onwards he started with professional racing. As far as cyclist of the classics is concerned he is among the top contenders. In Tour de France he has registered 8 wins. Time trial medal of gold in 2008 is also under his name.

Title of Hour record as well as road race is missing from his profile. His contracts end in 2016 officially but he is not looking too far. He does not complain about the tours that he has won. He is quite satisfied with his achievements. He is aiming to be a reliable good leader at the Trek Factory Racing. The fork is also trimmed by Fabian Cancellara in a customized manner. Continue reading “A Good Finish Awaits Fabian Cancellara”

Cancellara Seeking Olympic Double

Swiss cyclist Fabian Cancellara has stated that this year, his prime target is Olympic Games glory in London and not the Yellow Jersey at the Tour de France. The 31 year old has been the winner of four time trial championships and was the Gold Medal winner in the Beijing Olympic Games as well and in spite of being successful in the Olympic Games; he is looking forward to more glory in the Games, though he will be in direct competition with the likes of Bradley Wiggins and Frank Schleck in the road race.

But if one asks him what the most important part of him is, the answer that you get is pretty different from the man who is so focused on his cycling and that is, his family. Speaking to BBC Sport, Cancellara stated that his family is his base and main reservoir of support, being an athlete in an extremely competitive sport. And that base is just about to get even bigger for one of Switzerland’s finest athletes with the imminent birth of his second child in the summer.

2012 is already going to be an extremely special year for Fabian Cancellara, no matter how his performances at the London Olympic Games, the Tour de France or even the World Championships are; and he made it clear the birth of his first child changed the world for him and he expects something similar when his second child sees the light of the world.

The Swiss superstar rider is so fast on his cycle that many have accused him of hiding an engine in his cycle. But the prospect of Olympic success means that he has had to make a lot of sacrifices over the last few months and he is not only looking to defend his time trial at the Games but also at securing the double, which will undoubtedly guarantee Fabian Cancellara the best summer of his life.