Fabian Wins The Time Trial Event

Time trial event is underway for Tour de Suisse. Fabian has won the trial event that was conducted.

He is a Swiss veteran who has defeated Jurgen Roelandts. The difference between the first and second contestant was only a second’s difference. By beating Jurgen Fabian was able to take the lead. The time trial was stage one for Tour de Suisse that Fabian has been able to master easily. The Swiss rider was able to enjoy a lot of support from his fans. He has been able to win for the fifth time this season.

The time that he posted was a second’s difference from Jurgen Roelandts. Jurgen was definitely a surprise for many of the fans who did not expect him to be able to overcome other opponent riders who were in the line. There were other specialist riders who were thought to come up in front, but Jurgen was able to overcome the others and come up in front.

There were other favorites like Geraint Thomas who had been a favorite among spectators in the pre race line up. However, it did not turn out to be the best days for him as he turned up after the top ten positions. There were others who also finished outside the desired top ten positions like Tejay van Garderen, Robert Gesink and Rui Costa besides Simon Spilak who is the defending champion in the race. The race course was 6.4 km that ran through Baar. There were several sharp turns that had to be maneuvered. Alex Dowsett in particular crashed in a tight corner that dashed his hopes of crossing the line early. As a result, he completed in the 172nd position. There were chances of rain as well, though it ended in a slight drizzle alone.