Fabian Cancellara Announces Plans

Fabian Cancellara should be thanked that hour record has got a huge lot of interest in recent times. Unfortunately, the Swiss rider isn’t very happy about the direction the record is moving. One of the first riders who tried to attempt the Hour in February is Cancellara but it was originally planned to be after Tour de France of this year.

This attempt sparked a lot of attention to the record and made the UCI to revise the rules they have. In the interview with VeloNews he admitted that by doing the Hour record he got more attention than he had expected. He said that the moment he started thinking about the record, it suddenly became big which he didn’t want it to happen. Now, there are already two people in the world who have the title and the third is yet to come.

Cancellara is said to be a traditional person who likes the setup of road bikes that was used by Eddy Merckx to make his 1972 record and the specialist tracks used by Matthias Brandle and Jens Voigt.

Merckx made a 49.43 mark which was beaten by Chris Boardman 28 years later. Cancellara the modern record has lost a bit of its magic because of the precision and technology that is applied now. He added that he still sees every tour could be performed with the Mercks type bike and they have to follow the trends but it is not always necessary to do so.

He says that today the equipment being used are way faster if compared to the time of Tony Roger. The sport of cycling is getting more attention and the roads are cleaner. As a result, they are riding faster. The training is also a big part in the riding speeds.