Although the 2011 season was a season of near misses for Fabian Cancellara, no one would have had any problem if the Swiss tore up the playbook and changed the way he prepared ahead of the upcoming classics, but according to the 30 year old, he is keeping his training regimen and preparation exactly the same as last year. According to the Radio Shack – Nissan man, he is doing exactly the same things that he has always done which, he believes is something that has brought him in this great condition and there is no way that he will change it. He further added that last year, the only thing that deserted him was luck and when one is racing in some of the most difficult races in the world, luck is something that one requires.

Cancellara has joined the newly formed Radio Shack – Nissan team, which, according to many, will provide the 30 year old Swiss with more robust support than his old team Leopard Trek did in the classics last year. But Fabian Cancellara did admit that he will definitely miss his long time friend and ally Stuart O’Grady, who has joined the newly formed Australian team Green EDGE.

Speaking to a magazine recently, Cancellara said that it would be weird for him to race against O’Grady, who also said the same thing to him but there is no room for sentiment in the world of professional cycling and he knows he will have to work hard and give it his all.

Cancellara is one of the greatest exponents of time trial riding but 2011 saw him lose his iron grip in it, thanks largely to the emergence of Tony Martin. However, 2012 brings a new opportunity for the veteran Fabian Cancellara to regain his stronghold on it.