Zurich all set to sponsor BCS Elite Men’s race

The British Cycling Road Series Elite Men’s race that would happen over 3 laps of TT Mountain Course on 10th April, Sunday, is to be sponsored by the Zurich International Life.

The British Cycling Road Series is a yearly contest operated by the governing body of the sport in British Isles, consisting of 9 Grand Prix events for Elite category – men and women.
The event will be the very first pro cycle race to happen in the Isle of Man since the year 2003. Cycle riders who would be contending in island include two-times Olympic gold medal winner Ed Clancy MBE and local stars Jake Kelly and Mark Christian who would ride for a team handled by Sir Bradley Wiggins, the Olympic gold medallist as well as former Tour de France winner.
The event would be telecast on Eurosport and is being backed by Isle of Man Department of Economic Development as part of a designed bid to host 2018 National Championships. Several Zurich employees would also be offering at the event in a series of back roles, including marshalling across the TT course.

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Cancellara Loses Out To Sprinters In Milan-San Remo

Fabian Cancellara could not come up with a spectacular 2008 performance at the recently concluded Milan-San Remo. It was the sprinters who ruined his dream of a second victory at the esteemed championship.

The Trek Factory riding great was unable to match up with the high end pace of some among the best sprinters of the world. He ended up with a disappointing 7th as John Degenkolb from Giant-Alpecin came up with the win followed by Alexander Kristoff from Team Katusha in the second place. Michael Metthews from Orica-GreenEdge was at the 3rd position.

“There are 6 world-class sprinters & I’m the 1st non-traditional sprinter at the race”, remarked Cancellara.

“I do not have this supreme instinct to identify the very right spot & know when some rider is coming towards you. In fact, I was kind of locked in at right. Yes, I made my mistake & it is somewhat disappointing since I am blessed with good legs.”

“I consider myself lucky as I did nit crash as Gilbert (Philippe) crashed right before me in one corner & I kind of went down”, Cancellara continued. “You would require lots of good luck & tactics as you reach the end.” Continue reading “Cancellara Loses Out To Sprinters In Milan-San Remo”

A Good Finish Awaits Fabian Cancellara

Fabian is waiting for the opportune time to hang up his boots.

Rumours suggest that with another victory in the classics he might call it quits from the sport of cycling. Cancellara himself states that he can call it quits as there are high chances. He realizes that at some point of time every sportsperson needs to know when to end the career but he is waiting.

From 2000 onwards he started with professional racing. As far as cyclist of the classics is concerned he is among the top contenders. In Tour de France he has registered 8 wins. Time trial medal of gold in 2008 is also under his name.

Title of Hour record as well as road race is missing from his profile. His contracts end in 2016 officially but he is not looking too far. He does not complain about the tours that he has won. He is quite satisfied with his achievements. He is aiming to be a reliable good leader at the Trek Factory Racing. The fork is also trimmed by Fabian Cancellara in a customized manner. Continue reading “A Good Finish Awaits Fabian Cancellara”

Fabian Cancellara Announces Plans

Fabian Cancellara should be thanked that hour record has got a huge lot of interest in recent times. Unfortunately, the Swiss rider isn’t very happy about the direction the record is moving. One of the first riders who tried to attempt the Hour in February is Cancellara but it was originally planned to be after Tour de France of this year.

This attempt sparked a lot of attention to the record and made the UCI to revise the rules they have. In the interview with VeloNews he admitted that by doing the Hour record he got more attention than he had expected. He said that the moment he started thinking about the record, it suddenly became big which he didn’t want it to happen. Now, there are already two people in the world who have the title and the third is yet to come. Continue reading “Fabian Cancellara Announces Plans”

Cancellara In Criticism Of UCI Rules

Leading Swiss rider Fabian Cancellara is seriously miffed with UCI rules and has publicly expressed his annoyance by criticizing the regulations set by international Cycling Union before the media.

As the Spartacus marches ahead towards his rainbow jersey, he is quite aware of the odds against him. Quite literally, the Swiss would be starting with simply 3 riders versus 9 for nations like Belgium, Italy & Spain, as per UCI rules. According to the famous Swiss rider, the very UCI ruling does not properly address the modern riding aspects.

“It is not good”, remarked an annoyed Cancellara. “It is like a deficit for our team. As for the regulations, we would have to comply with them. If you ask my point of view I would say that the UCI rules aren’t 2014, they just aren’t right. Some nations have been given the enjoy the ‘right’ (more riders).My ‘rule’ here is to cycle on Sunday.”

The 33-year-old rider is aware that his chances are not under his control regarding Sunday’s 254 km, 14-lap men road race.

Cancellara is offended with the latest UCI ruling that declares start positions on the basis of national ranks with various continental sections. 10 nations begin with maximum of 9 riders- this ruling refers to all the European nations, except Australia and Colombia- whilst Switzerland & Sagan’s Slovakia just have 3.

With almost all important favorites, except Sagan- beginning with 9 riders, Fabian realizes that he would be cycling into a serious headwind even before the race starts.

The Spartacus suggested that the rulings are simply not in alignment with modern peloton yet he is not wasting much time regarding the topic. Rather he is all-in for the upcoming battle.

“We have 3 riders & we need to race smart”, he added in.