Fabian Cancellara wins Tour of Flanders

Trek Factory Racing cyclist Fabian Cancellara secured his third win in the Tour of Flanders this weekend as he mustered all his energy for one last surge during the final few hundred meters of the race to take the crown.

The Switzerland national was part of a four man breakaway during the final laps of the race but none of his contenders seemed to have or were willing to give that final push to win the title and it was almost a testament to how difficult the race had been as the cyclists went through crashes and wind blasts through almost all of the 259 km course before reaching the finishing line.

Greg Van Avermaet of BMC Racing was at the forefront of the breakaway pack before Cancellara decided to take matter into his own hands and the Dutchman finished second behind the Swiss.

Speaking after his win, Fabian Cancellara stated that it was extremely difficult adding that he had to be very cold in his thoughts and followed the attacks. He went on to mention that it was a fantastic experience to cross the line and further stated that repeating a victory is always special whichever race that might be in.

The Swiss cyclist went on to add that he still doesn’t know how he managed it. He claimed that it might have seemed like he was playing on television but he just wanted to keep in touch with the breakaway group till the finish line and go man against man because he knew only then he would have a chance of taking the title.

Fabian Cancellara also claimed that he never attacked and spent most of the race in defense and that is why he wanted to go to the finish line and give it his best shot.

Sanchez Ties Up With BMC Racing

Samuel Sanchez has reportedly signed up with esteemed cycling squad BMC racing. The 2008 Olympic road racing champion would be playing for BMC for the year.

The Spaniard was earlier a part of the Euskaltel-Euskadi group whose premature demise left him looking for an esteemed name to play with, and left him looking at DH mountain bike holidays rather than the Tour de France.

It was almost akin to an 11th-hour deal between the illustrious American team and the Spanish rider. BMC is looking forward to boost up its squad line-up for classics & Grand Tours this year- & Sanchez inclusion within the team is nothing less than a divine bliss for them. The Olympic champion has finished twice on famous Grand Tour podium: he came up 2nd in Vuelta Espana 2009 & 3rd in 2010 Tour France.

“Sammy would add in a heightened level of experience and skill to BMC Racing”, stated Jim Ochowicz, the BMC manager, while asked to speak a few words on their recent dealing with the leading Spaniard rider. “He would able to cover every base, especially we are hopeful to have him support his BMC mates in Ardennes classics & grand tours.”

Sanchez himself is very excited to be a part of the esteemed American squad. “I am feeling like a cyclist who has achieved his 1st ever contract”, noted Sanchez. “I would like to thank the whole BMC squad, specifically Jim Ochowicz and Andy Rihs for letting me so warmly into one among the most prestigious squads of WorldTour.”

“I am hopeful that I would be able to share my own cycling experiences with younger mates on this team”, Sammy added further. “After riding for a large stretch of years with the mission to beat Evans (Cadel), it would be great to assist him as he is one of riders whom I know pretty well.”

Cancellara eyes on Ardennes Classics

Fabian Cancellara is said to be eyeing on Ardennes Classics for the 2014 riding season. The esteemed Spanish cyclist is also aiming for Tour France & world championships the coming year.

It’s said that the dapper Spaniard has tested his mettle successfully at everything when it comes to pro cycling. He has donned the rainbow stripes, brandished the yellow jerseys, hoisted the cobblestone trophies & mined the Olympic gold. It seems that he has almost overachieved all through his career and now is set to raise his bar with the coming season.

However, the next season for Cancellara might get in some new interesting twists such as hour record and of course the celebrated Ardenes Classics.

“For great riders, one must concentrate on things that help in charging up the motivation. This is never necessary for Cancellara as he is just so professional & loves to compete”, stated Luca Guercilena, the manager personnel from Trek Factory. “We have talked about a handful of possibilities.”

The Spaniard’s aim for both Ardennes and hour record would surely assure the stimulus and the needed challenge Cancellara has been looking for in his upcoming season in 2014.

However, according to Luca’s reports, nothing has been officially finalized yet regarding Cancellara’s participation in Ardennes or hour record.

“May be he could try on in the coming two seasons”, said Cancellara. “We would analyze this situation within the next couple of months. We would need to talk on what could be realistic actually. The most vital thing here is to be true to whatever you feel good at”, remarked Guercilena.

The Spanish cycling hero would be reaching 33 the coming March yet the veteran seems hardly riding to sunset. Cancellara is still focused on world title for roads, the 2016 Olympics & he is always ready to smash down the cobblestones once again.

‘Dooring’ Accidents In Toronto

Dooring accidents are quite common in Toronto. A dooring accident takes place when a door of a stopped or a parked car hits a cyclist passing by. There was a change in 2012 because of which the definition of collision does not include vehicles that are stationary. Due to this change, police can no longer take any action against the stationary vehicle that hits the cyclist who passes by. The Toronto Police Services Board and even many of the cyclists want improvements in the definition of collision.

Justin Bull has created an application known as Doored.ca which will record and track all the dooring accidents that take place in Toronto. Bull’s main aim behind the creation of such an application is that he wants to create awareness among the people regarding the dooring accidents and wants them to understand that these accidents are dangerous. Bull thinks that since collision is redefined it does not mean that real life accidents and issues should not be recorded.

People will be able to report and describe the dooring accidents they have suffered from on the application. They can even sort accidents according to the injury suffered, where it took place and when it happened. The application- Doored.ca will actually be able to draw the necessary attention to the dangerous collisions like the ‘door prizes’ (another name for dooring accidents).

Urban cycling consultant, Yvonne Bambrick appreciates what Justin Bull has done. Yet he is of the opinion that this cannot be the ultimate solution to the dooring problem. Bambrick thinks that the Toronto Police Service should come up with some plans to educate and mitigate the adverse incidents of dooring.

Some people are also sponsoring the idea of charging a high amount of fine from the drivers who carelessly open their door and end up hitting a cyclist.