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Fabian Cancellara Announces Plans

Fabian Cancellara should be thanked that hour record has got a huge lot of interest in recent times. Unfortunately, the Swiss rider isn’t very happy about the direction the record is moving. One of the first riders who tried to attempt the Hour in February is Cancellara but it was originally planned to be after Tour de France of this year.

This attempt sparked a lot of attention to the record and made the UCI to revise the rules they have. In the interview with VeloNews he admitted that by doing the Hour record he got more attention than he had expected. He said that the moment he started thinking about the record, it suddenly became big which he didn’t want it to happen. Now, there are already two people in the world who have the title and the third is yet to come. Read more »

Cancellara says cycling won’t lose its popularity

The RadioShack-Nissan rider Fabian Cancellara is now getting prepared for the upcoming season in 2013. He is confident about doing a better result in 2013 than he did in 2012. Recently Cancellara went to Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen museum to meet some of his fans and there he spoke about the future of cycling.

The Swiss cyclist enjoyed the session pretty much as he said that he was surprised to see so many Belgium fans of him came to meet him. It has been a good time for him and he also asserted that those fans are like angels who give him the support all the way. According to him each and every individual rider needs the supporters because they provide them with the moral support which is really essential when someone is going through a bad time. Fabian Cancellara also said that not only in bad times but also when someone is winning he/she needs to have the supporters as they are the ones who makes him/her feel glad.

When he was asked about the next season, Cancellara said that he is focusing on 2013 and preparing well. He had a camp in the Alps recently and he thinks that it will help him in the next season. He commented on his physical strength saying that he is completely ready to have a go. He wants to be in the peak of his form before the season starts and he has full faith in his team. On that fan-meeting, Fabian Cancellara spoke about cycling’s future as it is going through a dark phase. He agreed that this period could leave a negative impact on cycling but he believes that there will be lights again. The Lance Armstrong doping case has made an impact on his team RadiShack-Nissan as the general manager of the team, Johan Bruyneel and the doctor Pedro Celaya are awaiting a judgment. Inspite of all these, Cancellara thinks that cycling is now moving into right direction and soon it will reclaim its old position.